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This Spoken Word And Music Concert Is Giving All Its Proceeds To Charity

This Spoken Word And Music Concert Is Giving All Its Proceeds To Charity

Cogitations is a Spoken Word and Music concert seeking to effect change and foster critical thinking through the sacred art of poetry. The concert which has run for three years returns in 2017 on December 17th at The Center For Contemporary Art, Lagos.

Themed Flawless, Cogitations 2017 seeks to through spoken word encourage the idea that our imperfections make us perfect and remind us that nothing connects the collective human experience as much as service. It is an evening of spoken word, music, dance, short story readings, live paintings, every form of the art you can think or imagine in relation to the theme and a cold cocktail in hand.

It features a variety of guests from veterans in the industry like Jeffrey Daniel, Wome Uyeye, to Kamnelechukwu Susan who recently launched her book, and Romeo Oriogun who won the Brunel prize. View the full line-up here.

Also being a charitable event with all the proceeds going into the Shelves and Shelter initiative that gifts underprivileged communities with books and relief materials, Cogitations 2017 is a total evening. Looking to implant in the hearts of its guests that indeed giving can be convenient, indeed it can feel somewhat like art, like poetry, or as thrilling as a cold cocktail in hand. You can get tickets here.

First Culture recently caught up with Unique Immaculate Ita who is the Co-Director of the Concert and we had a short interview on the concert and its motives. Read up below.

We love the theme, Flawless. We love what your team has done with it. How did the idea for Cogitations 2017 come about?

U.I.I: The story behind Cogitations 2017 is fascinating. It involves three young adults who are keen on celebrating arts, a lot of planning, cancelling and then re-planning. The theme came to us during a radio interview for Cogitations 2 which was tagged “Thinking Out Loud.” I remember that we were seating in the lobby of the radio station waiting to go on air and then being hit with it. All the same, as with every year, Cogitations 2017 is a result of us wanting to create an evening of arts, where people can lose themselves in creativity, listen to poetry and sip Cocktail.

The guest list is amazing. What inspired the team in choosing a line up?

U.I.I: (Laughs) Cogitations is that grandmother that stuffs you full every time you visit. We were very deliberate about our line up this year. We needed to pass the Flawless message across and so we had to think of the best people who could do this through the various art forms. We thought, “Oh this person does great poetry” and “Oh her music talks about how unique we are.” We were intentional about every detail.

What has been the most toughest part of organizing the event for you?

U.I.I: The planning stage and getting people to buy tickets for the event.  Few people understand that we run the entire concert from our personal budget, that all the proceeds go to charity and that even if we didn’t, the meager amount charged for a ticket will not cater for 10% of the running costs even.  So I have had to learn that humans love nothing more than giveaways, and well that apparently a thousand Naira is a lot of money. But I appreciate everyone who’s so far gotten a ticket, the response has been humbling.

You just stated that the proceeds are not enough to finance the event, so why the decision to gift all the proceeds to charity?

U.I.I: Honestly, this is not something we saw ourselves doing at this time. We’ve run the event for free to the public in the past years and all from our pocket, everything. So for the first time we were charging a fee, we were a little excited that at least we wouldn’t cater for all the financial requirements alone, at least we were putting a price to it. But somehow we found ourselves here, partnering with Kate Tales Foundation to provide books for underprivileged communities. I think that this is proof that when you’ve persistently done something for the love of it, you get used to giving for it, love is always followed by giving.

What should we expect Cogitations 2018 to be like? Is there a theme yet?

U.I.I: Thinking about Cogitations 2018 makes me excited. It would be a lot different from what you’re used to and much bigger than what we’ve been doing cause we are working on introducing other facets of arts and opening it to a larger audience. And yes, we have a theme on ground but you will have to be at Center for Contemporary arts on the 17th of December 2017 to find out.

You can get tickets to Cogitations Flawless here. You can also view the full line up here.

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This Spoken Word And Music Concert Is Giving All Its Proceeds To Charity

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