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This Nigerian Fashion Brand Is Redefining Individuality

This Nigerian Fashion Brand Is Redefining Individuality

While there are countless Fashion Houses in Nigeria and Africa at large, there is one that so easily is able to stand out for many reasons. Among these many reasons would be the brand’s ultimate desire to retain individuality.

Colours of Venus is a fashion house founded by young and talented designer, Toochi Ugoala.

Although still a budding label, Ugoala has nonetheless in the short time of the brand’s existence been able to shatter, not just the glass ceiling of what individuality means, but many others as well.

He defines the brand as one of the few and perhaps the only that revels in the authenticity of individuality. Known for its use of bold strong colours and vibrant print, Colours of Venus debuted on the runway of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in 2015.

The brands pieces sets a mood for an Afrocentric glam while retaining its client’s uniqueness.

Ugoala under the umbrella of the brand has been able to cater for its growing demand. Great jobs include “The Black Illusion Dress” for Lolo Eremie for Unofficial Christmas Party, 2015 which made it to Bella naija, Wole Ojo’s Black AMVCA Nomination party outfit 2015, The Patriotic Dress for Naija Go Survive Video by Lolo Musiq, The Adim Dress which got featured on Ynaija.

Augusta, the brands most recent collection which was in collaboration with International beautician of House of Bling @iammmarynegron also made it to Ynaija.

Though still tottering under the weight of being new, Colours of Venus steered by Ugoala – its talented Creative Director – has nonetheless in this short while been able to make a statement of what the brand is, to establish in our hearts even more what it could be, to create a space for the endless possibilities.

And while we wait to be stunned by the colours of a brand unraveled from the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, we are nonetheless thankful for these little strides, thankful for what is so far a brief experience in vibrant colours, we are thankful for colours that remind us of the peculiarity of standing alone, the peculiarity of delving, of venturing into the unknown and returning colourful.




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This Nigerian Fashion Brand Is Redefining Individuality

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