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One Year: What Our Readers Have To Say About 365 Days Of First Culture

One Year: What Our Readers Have To Say About 365 Days Of First Culture

We are thankful for the views, for the shares, the likes and the comments, we are thankful that you stop by over and over again. Here’s To 365 Days Of Feeding You With Awesomeness! For our anniversary post, we compiled a few testimonials (that left us chuffed) from our regular readers and contributors.

As a writer(I use the term loosely), all I ever really want is a space where I can air my thoughts, as they are. Somewhere I can write what I want, how I want. In the past 8 months, that’s exactly what First Culture has been for me. The diversity of their content is inspiring, and that I can be a part of that diversity, is truly humbling.

On its first year anniversary, I would like to congratulate the entire First Culture team on how far they’ve come. I know you will scale even greater heights and I’m so excited to see all the greatness unfold. Thank you for bridging humanity in the ways you do, thank you for giving me the freedom and honour to write for you. Happy anniversary! – Mimi Mwiya – Contributor

First Culture isn’t your regular kind of blog, it is a platform where people come together to share ideas with the aim of learning from each other. The write-ups aren’t just educative but entertaining and enlightening as well. – Chinyere Unique Nkemjika

In the year since First Culture was established, it’s been more than a safe space for me. It’s been Home. This place I go to when I want to unfurl from life’s mysteries. Whether it’s the gentle serenading of Caleb’s stories or the beautiful texture of Mimi’s voice or the enrapturing details in Victor’s photos, First Culture has remained an escape into a world of brilliance.

To have watched this website grow each day from its onset to the point where I am so completely enthralled in its simple and urbane feel is something I should totally applaud the team behind it for. This intensity to continue to give the mass sufficiently what they need is what I love most about it. First Culture is Home, and I’m so excited to have watched it come this far.Roy Udeh-Ubaka

I am much a fan of growth as I am of anything else, I believe in hope and the little ripple effect that is faith. Being an Editor at First Culture has gifted me with an opportunity to once more recognize and partake in little beginnings, to be aware of the convolutions that make us human, to be thankful for growth and conscious of it likewise. I am grateful for one year, for the team that has become family, for how much has been achieved, but more importantly, I am excited for the new year. Happy Birthday First Culture! I love you! I really do! – Caleb Somtochukwu Okereke – Editor


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One Year: What Our Readers Have To Say About 365 Days Of First Culture

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