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Jeba: Inside the world of the young soul singer and his guitar

Jeba: Inside the world of the young soul singer and his guitar

Born Abraham Noble, Jeba is a young singer, songwriter, a Togolese Nigerian who besides being madly in love with the guitar is bent on telling stories with it. First Culture recently caught up with him and we talked about music, passion and his upcoming show Karaoke night with Jeba.

What got you involved in music?

I don’t think there’s a specific deed that got me involved in music, let’s just say I discovered myself earlier, always found music part of me and a must thing to do.

What genre do you play and what do you identify to have influenced your sound?

I am an R&B/soul singer, and I have been influenced by so many great singers. Asa, Adele and Sam Smith to be a little more specific.

Could you briefly describe your music making process?

Music is everywhere. I love serene environments, they usually inspire me on what to write, and the little sounds sometimes leave beats in my head.

What’s it like being so young in the industry?

Its cool, giving me the opportunity to meet older players in the game. In addition, frankly every single one of them, perhaps because they are intrigued by me are always willing to share.

Tell us about your upcoming show Karaoke Night with Jeba?

WOW! My upcoming show on February 19th is a highly anticipated show all over Lagos. Put together for the purpose of celebrating valentine with the help of “Nawty Fantastic Entertainment.” Its going down by 6pm at De-Web Lounge and bar on Abiodun Lawson Crescent in Amuwo Odofin. We know of no better way to celebrate valentine than Karaoke and live music from amazing me.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

More good songs. Dance-hall, love songs, inspirational just expect anything good from JEBA. My new single dropped on February 14th, It’s a love song and you can download it here.






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Jeba: Inside the world of the young soul singer and his guitar

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