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These Designers Are Ensuring Black Women No Longer Have To Choose Between Faith And Fashion

For the woman who is both Muslim and Black, there are two goals as regards fashion. The first is to look beautiful, the second which usually poses to be a problem is to at the same time look modest.

Nevertheless, these crop of designers are solving this problem, they are letting us in on the knowledge that faith and fashion are not mutually exclusive especially for the black woman.

The hijab has in recent times become one of the worlds boldest fashion statements, Culture Trip describes it as; not just a religious garment, It’s about women making the decision to wear it, to cover what they want, and dress how they like without societal pressures. Wearing the hijab with their head held high in public is now a rallying point for feminists around the Middle East.

In a world that believes fashion to be synonymous to showing off skin, these five designers encourage Muslim women to stand their ground and not compromise, rousing them to the awareness that fashion has a place for them too, a place that can exist alongside their faith.

NEICY: About Us

When you dress modestly, there are two options: long, unflattering, old fashioned dresses or layers and layers of clothes”. We heard this statement way too many times to do nothing about it. Since 2016, we respond to the gap between the mainstream fashion industry and a growing community of women who want to fit in without having to choose between being trendy and modest.
We all create our styles by putting our personalities in our apparels. There is no exact definition to style, nor should there be for modesty. We believe that each one of us should define our own modesty.
Neïcy Inc.  [ Ney-cee ] is the online one-stop boutique for trendy modest apparel. We curate the best of modesty to make it easy for modern women to dress with style and grace.

Based in Toronto Canada, and founded by Make Up Artists, Osob Mohamud, Alene is the home of trendy Islamic fashion offering highest quality designer Islamic modest wear including Hijabs, skirts, Dresses, Kaftans, Jalabiyas,  

Amara Collection was born as an idea to create a luxury-feel scarf collection offered at an affordable price. We wanted to curate a collection that didn’t compromise on impeccable style and reasonable pricing.

In addition, we wanted to create a brand by women-of-color, for women-of-color. It’s important for us to show each other how amazing we are, and to prove to ourselves that we CAN do anything we put our minds to.

We believe the best companies are those that put people first. So we’ll always give you the most competitive price for our scarves and apparel.


 As Muslims it’s our religious obligation to live an ethical life – how can we make garments that are keeping people poor and made in sweatshops? The most powerful thing we have is our dollar. We need to be investing in the people we want to succeed, and for me that means marginalized women. It also means staying away from businesses that exploit their workers, who are mostly people of colour. I want people to change the way they see fashion and help make fast fashion a thing of the past.

My namesake brand Eman Idil focuses on ethical fashion, and creating fair and safe work opportunities for women all over the world

-Eman Idil to Muslim Link Online 


We are a small, independent hijab/scarf boutique run by Basma K and her super friendly sisters!

Here at The Basma K Collection, Customer Service is top of the agenda. We strive to provide our consumers with a tailored customer experience specific to your individual needs. 

We ensure the quality of our products is of the highest standard by working closely with our material suppliers to create the best product possible.

All our products are sourced locally, and most importantly, ethically.


Featured Image: Neicy

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These Designers Are Ensuring Black Women No Longer Have To Choose Between Faith And Fashion

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