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We are very interested in hearing from you and about your ideas. However, we recommend that you visit our About Us page and read a few of our posts – peradventure you are not a regular reader, basically get familiar with us and our stuff before taking the next step to sending us your work.

If you have successfully done these, then well done. Know that we welcome your pitches to First Culture – we currently receive via email at For First Culture Writers Network, click here.

Because we are a purely African site, we’d rather publish content that has relevance to the continent, this however doesn’t mean only African content, but content that on the large scale relates to the continent and aids in boxing the positives. Emphasis on positives.

So send in your opinions, and column pitches, movie reviews, random observations, and short stories. We create a safe haven for stories that currently seem out of place in contemporary African literature-Horror, Mystery, Crime fiction etc-and are ready to publish long as they are beautifully written.

Our first rule of thumb is that pieces whatever they may be must resonate and be beautiful, that they must linger in the mind of our readers, and most importantly be relevant to the beauty of being African.

We are also very open to photography submissions, podcast and video submissions, and anything basically even yet undefined. We believe in the diversity and infinity of art, of African art especially, so wow us.

We want to read your pitches with our jaws dropped and our eyes almost popping out of their sockets, tell us a story, a personal story, a life story, tell something you are very passionate about, we like you to be adventurous with your submissions, this is the space of no limits.

We are not in anyway a mainstream news site, so please do not send us regular news about the continent. We are nevertheless interested in the sort of news that never makes the tabloids, the young boy who is doing amazing things, the girl who has learned to paint on her own, that sort of thing.

We currently do not accept poetry submissions.

Regrettably at this time we are unable to pay our freelance contributors. If you want to earn money writing with us, please join our writers network here and pitch to us. For freelance and unpaid contributions, please see the guidelines below.


Fiction-2,000 word limit

Non Fiction-1000 word limit

Interviews-1000 word limit

Book Reviews-1000 word limit

Submissions should be Times New Roman, 12PT, single spaced and in doc,docx, pdf,  or txt format

Podcasts-5-10mintues in length (Include brief details about the podcast and indicate a one off show or recurring)

Photography-3-10 pictures per submission in PDF(when compiled) gif, jpg, jpeg, or png formats

Digital Files-Mp4, Mp3 formats only

We are not picky as regards simultaneous submissions. However, courtesy demands that you notify us if your submission is accepted elsewhere. We’d be grateful if you could nonetheless give us the sole privilege of considering your submission as we reply before or within 4-6 weeks.

If you do not hear from us within that period, know that we will not be publishing your work.

Send all submissions (Fiction, Non fiction -Interviews, book reviews, photography etc) to-

We look forward to hearing from you

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