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Art X 2016, redrafting the future of African Art

Art X 2016 held last week at the Civic Center in Lagos. The fair, organized by founder  Tokini Peterside Collective and future awards 2011 recipient, 30 year old Tokini Peterside held from Friday 4th November to Saturday 6th November 2016 and featured works from George Osodi, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Gerald Chukwuma, Jeremiah Quarshie,  Nnenna Okore, Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze and Victor Ehikhamenor alongside talented others.

From enriching panels to live music to the Art X prize competition, the fair is one which cannot be forgotten in a hurry. We particularly appreciate the organizers and the fair as a whole for providing vital narratives, key to the future of African Art.

“Yellow is the Colour of Water” by Jeremiah Quarshie is one of such series that caught our eye, the series explores the “Kufuor” gallons used to carry water across the city of Accra. Jeremiah’s work at the fair which we believe to be a subtle chant for the feminist movement portrays the yellow gallons as both backdrop and throne—anomalous points of failure and hope.


Yellow is the colour of water, Jeremiah Quarshie

CNN described Ade Adekola’s Colourfield Expressions as “playing a part in changing perceptions” But it is not only Adekola’s work that is driven towards changing perceptions. There is Johnson Donatus Aihumekeokhai Ojeikere, renowned for his work with peculiar hairstyles found in Nigeria which is changing the perception of cultural hairstyles and Uche Okpa-Iroha who in his series titled ” The Plantation Boy” inserts himself into scenes from The Godfather.





In an interview with Okay Africa, when asked about what she wants people to take away from the fair, founder, Tokini Peterside had this to say;

“I really want people to walk away feeling a deep sense of admiration for the talent they will see on display and I want them to be inspired by it. I want them to have fun, and what we’ve done with ART X Lagos is that we’ve tweaked the art fair model and added things that you wouldn’t see at a regular art fair and that’s because we are building this art fair for Lagos and we understand how the people of Lagos are. ”


We can well say that the fair to some reasonable extent achieved this, and that Lagos is already counting her fingers to the next Art X.

Featured Image: CNN

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Art X 2016, redrafting the future of African Art

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