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Abami Eda: Remembering Fela Kuti Through Photos

Abami Eda: Remembering Fela Kuti Through Photos

A photo story on the Nigerian music legend 20 years after his death.

To be spiritual is not by praying and going to church. Spiritualism is the understanding of the universe so that it can be a better place to live in- Fela Kuti


I don’t treat women as objects to be used. I just don’t agree to possess a woman.

To think how many Africans suffer in oblivion. That makes me sad… Despite my sadness, I create joyful rhythms… I am an artist… I want people to be happy and I can do it by playing happy music. And through happy music I tell them about the sadness of others… So really I am using my music as a weapon

I don’t tell lies against anybody. That’s why I always win all my wars.

A radical is he who has no sense…fights without reason…I have a reason. I am authentic. Yes, that’s what I am.

man is here against his will. Where do we come from? What was before us?…when you think you die, you’re not dead. Its a transition.

I do not believe any more in the marriage institution. The marriage institution for the progress of the mind is evil. I learned that from prison. Why do people marry? Is it to be together? Is it to have children? People marry because they are jealous. People marry because they are possessive. People marry because they are selfish. All this comes to the very ugly fact that people want to own and control other people’s bodies.

I want peace. Happiness. Not only for myself. For everybody.


Featured Image: BBC Music

References: Big Eye


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Abami Eda: Remembering Fela Kuti Through Photos

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