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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Ojukokoro

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Ojukokoro

1. Ojukokoro was written and directed by Dare Olaitan. It is Twenty-six year old Dare’s first attempt at directing a full length movie and the producer had trusted Dare to do a good job because in his words, “Sometimes you have to believe in the artist.”

2. A few days before shooting started, Charles Etubiebi had walked on set looking dejected and as though he was dying of cancer, just like the character Andrew demanded he be. The cast and crew were thrown into a state of panic, worried he was actually ill and he had walked straight to Dare and then asked, “Is this what you want for Andrew?” and they had been so relieved. He said he kept this demeanor up till shooting ended.

3.  During shooting, Seun Ajayi who plays the role of Monday had once gone to buy a soft drink and had terrified the store attendant, a middle aged woman who because she had no idea he was on set kept apologizing about the blood on his shirt, and the bruises on his face. This, Charles (who plays Andrew) pointed out to us was a lucid reminder of how much work had gone into the movie.

4. It was shot over a period of eleven days at a functional filling station in Ogun state, also described as the outskirts of Lagos. A member of the crew asserted that the filling station had been there all her years growing up. Pre Production had however taken an expected time frame of three months.

5. Casting had been done by the producer, Olufemi D. Ogunsanwo.

6. The rapport of Hausa between Ali Nuhu (Jibril) and Charles Etubiebi (Andrew) had not been written in the original script but had come up during shooting.

7. The first thing Charles did when he arrived on set was to familiarize himself with his office, ask the original owner about things, where he could hide stuff, what the office felt like. He said he learned this from his days at theatre and that doing that on set of Ojukokoro had taught him really minute details, like how the door of the office didn’t close until it was held a certain way.


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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Ojukokoro

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