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100th Post: First Culture Was Founded by Jeffrey Daniel And This Is Why

100th Post: First Culture Was Founded by Jeffrey Daniel And This Is Why

First Culture is a company founded by Jeffrey Daniel in 2016 and designed exclusively to Produce, Enhance and Display to the world the very best of African Arts, Cultures and Society.

Jeffrey who was born and raised in Los Angeles had the privilege of growing up on the Hollywood set of the World famous Soul Train TV Show as one of the most prominent dancers on the program that helped influence the global dance and music scene from the 1970`s till today. He was also fortunate enough to be personally recruited by Soul Train`s producer and host Don Cornelius as an artist on his Soul Train / Solar Record label as the founding member of the Super R&B group Shalamar who sold over 25 Million albums worldwide and still counting.

Little did he know that Super Star Michael Jackson was watching him dance and admired his dance moves until 1980 when Michael Jackson asked him to be his personal dance instructor, teaching him the dance he had made famous called the Backslide which he renamed the Moonwalk and which took his career to newer heights.

It led to a 20 year partnership as his choreographer for the Bad and Smooth Criminal promotion videos and later Creative Consultant / A&R for his MJJ Record label. Former Beatles member Paul McCartney also recruited Jeffrey for his 1984 Movie Give My Regards to Broadstreet as a solo dancer to his infamous Silly Love Songs performance.

He also starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber London`s West End 1984 hit musical Starlight Express. Playing Electra the Train of the Future. HRH Queen Elizabeth attended the premiere. Andrew Lloyd Webber is the world`s most celebrated and successful Live Musical Theatre producer bringing Jesus Christ Super Star , Evita , Cats and The Phantom Of The Opera to world stages and cinema screens.

Ironically , he was chosen to host the 6.20 Soul Train TV program in London in 1985. Carrying the torch for Don Cornelius in the U.K. Winning best TV Presenter Award.


Moving to Japan, Jeffrey had the pleasure of working with their biggest Recording Artists, Fashion Designers, TV Programs, Choreographing and directing TV Commercials. Also running his production company J-Pan Soul producing Japanese R&B singers.

He eventually came to Nigeria in 2010 and was selected as a judge for the Etisalat sponsored Nigerian Idol Singing Contest TV Program earning him the appellation, The Nice and Encouraging Judge after which producing CD`s for a couple of the program`s contestants.

Being the first Black American celebrity to actually stay and work with the Nigerian industry has compelled him to respect the tenacity and resolve of the Nigerian people who have gotten up and made an industry with no infrastructure or concrete distribution or publishing as enjoyed in the western countries.

He is moved by the book authors who are receiving accolades across the globe but still only known on a small scale to be a part of this invigorating industry and use his celebrity status and contributions to build and export Nigerian talents and the best of our society to the major world markets.

He is keen on telling the best stories of Africa, firm in the belief that understanding the past is the only way we can amend the future and this was why First Culture was founded.

As we celebrate 100 posts of feeding the world with awesomeness, we are once more reminded that well Africa was the very First Culture.


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100th Post: First Culture Was Founded by Jeffrey Daniel And This Is Why

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