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Grief Has No Map / Marline Oluchi

We always expected her to survive,  and that is perhaps, why her death never dawned on me even while I stood by, watching her die.

Living The Bridges Of Madison County | Mimi Mwiya

The world is turning my hopeless romantic self into a cynic, I hate it!



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Sometimes A New Season Calls | Mimi Mwiya

Those were the words said to me by the current Director of Sister Namibia as she was just starting out, and I was leaving. She found me having planned to resign months in advance, having stayed on only because the board...

My Constant Battle With Futility | Suama Abiatar

Just in case you missed my last feature, let’s catch you up; I am a woman who just hit 31, grossly misunderstood and not handling adulthood well, in short, an adult interrupted.  In this one, I want to tackle...

The Power of Touch | Mimi Mwiya

There’s a rush of happiness I get whenever a baby wraps their tiny little hand around my finger, or reaches for me or something. I also get feelings of deep trust and security when someone close to me holds my...


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